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Two ministries and commissions: speeding up the construction of Tianjin Hebei world class port group
Date: Aug 5th, 2020
According to the news on the website of the national development and Reform Commission on August 3, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of transport recently jointly issued the, "Opinions on accelerating the construction of Tianjin north international shipping hub" points out that by 2035, Tianjin north international shipping hub with wisdom, green, safe, efficient, prosperous and innovative, and port city integration will be fully built. Tianjin Port will become a world-class port, the ranking of international shipping center will be further improved, and the container throughput will strive to reach 30 million TEUs.
The person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that the regional port integration development is an important aspect of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. It is necessary to break through the restrictions of administrative divisions, allocate port resources at a high level, build a world-class port group of Tianjin and Hebei with perfect functions, reasonable division of labor, dislocation development and efficient coordination; and encourage Tianjin and Hebei Port Enterprises to accelerate integration with market orientation and capital as the link, so as to realize intensive operation. Tianjin Port focuses on developing container trunk line transportation, adjusting and optimizing bulk cargo transportation structure, and building an international hub port.
According to the opinion one belt, one road is the strategic support for Tianjin north international shipping hub: the important support for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, serving the important pivot of "one belt and one road", the important platform for the integration of land and sea, and the modern international shipping hub. It is the key point of construction in the future.
Relevant supporting policies will also be further improved. According to the opinions, Tianjin Port will be included in the pilot project of transportation power construction. To study and establish a flexible freight rate mechanism for rail sea intermodal transport. Tianjin studies the establishment of Tianjin port and shipping development fund to support port construction and development. (Economic Reference)
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