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In the first half of the year, 17 iron and steel enterprises in Shandong completed the transformation of organized ultra-low emission
Date: Jul 30th, 2020
According to the press conference of Shandong provincial government information office, 17 iron and steel enterprises in Shandong Province have completed the transformation of organized ultra-low emission. Five iron and steel enterprises have carried out ultra-low emission assessment and monitoring. The elimination of gas generators with furnace diameter less than 3 meters has been basically completed in 7 cities with transmission channels. More than 13000 furnaces and kilns have been comprehensively renovated in the province, and more than 4800 industrial enterprises have completed the comprehensive renovation of unorganized emissions.
The special action of VOCs control in summer and autumn of 2020 will be launched in an all-round way. The Provincial Committee of the Youth League, the provincial women's Federation, the Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, and the Provincial Bureau of government affairs and other departments have issued a proposal to encourage night refueling and green travel, and encourage gas companies to carry out preferential activities of wrong time refueling. Enterprises were organized to investigate and rectify the collection rate, synchronous operation rate and removal rate of existing VOCCs waste gas treatment facilities, and more than 900 VOCs related enterprises completed the upgrading and transformation of treatment facilities.
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